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2017 Marklin Insider Club Model Order Deadline May 5,


Get Started Today!  We have the most comprehsive selection of Marklin HO starter and extensions sets in stock and ready to ship today! Click HERE to check them out!

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NOCH Laser Cut Minis

NOCH Laser Cut Minis

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NOCH Laser Cut Train Station 66002

NOCH Laser Cut St. Nickolaus Church

NOCH Laser Cut Bridge 67040




 Please note our store hours have changed for the summer. Monday to Friday 10AM to 5:30PM. Closed weekends and all official holidays.

Special New Item for 2017 - North American Exclusive!

39623 Marklin HO Digital Ontario Northland” EMD F7 Diesel Electric Locomotive A Unit

 Special Pre-Order price $349.00


Latest Marklin F7 tooling and mFX decoder with sound!


New Arrivals


60226 Central Station 3 Train Control w/latest update $942.95

26194 DRG cl. ET194 Freight Powered Railcar Train Set $419.95

36193 BR193 Vectron SBB International Electric Locomotive $259.95

42121 ERA 1 W.St.E. Baggage Car $59.95

42174 ERA 6 SBB Mark IV Express Dining Car $69.95

37529 ERA 5 DB cl. BR120.1 Electric Locomotive Full Metal Jacket! $399.00

43309 ERA 5 DB AG EC9 Tiziano Passenger Car Set $119.95

43876 ERA 5 DB AG EC9 Tiziano Passenger Car $59.95

46304 ERA 5 DB AG Side Unloading Dump Car Set w/hinged roofs $129.95

 46870 ERA 6 SBB 4 Axle Flat Cars w/telescoping covers $135.95

48457 ERA 6 Austrian RTS Rail Transport Side Unloading Dump Car Set $269.00

47144 ERA 6 DB AG Snps 719 Double Stake Cars w/wood load $208.00

47148 ERA 6 SBB Snps 719 Double Stake Cars w/lumber load $208.00

47095 ERA 6 Sgns Container Transport Car Set $139.95


Assorted HO scale trees, shrubs, and hedges. Available as singles or bulk packs. Singles trees starting at $5.95 up to packs of 25 at $25.95. We even have packs of snow pines for that seasonal layout enhancement! Add some green to your landscape with static grass. Available in mat rolls or as loose fill in starting at $14.95 for a 100X75CM roll (larger sizes available). Bring things to life with figures. Assorted packages starting at $9.93. Livestock and theme packs also available.

   26325 00110_grasmatte Figures

new 2017 Marklin New Items catalog in PDF format. Click photo below to download. Pre-order price list to follow shortly

Download your copy of the 2017 Markin New Items catalog

new Marklin HO Challenger information in PDF. To download click photo below

Marklin HO 39911 Challenger

new 2016 Marklin Fall New Items catalog now available as PDF. To download click photo below
2016 Marklin Fall New Items catalog

new 2016 Marklin Summer New Items catalog now available as PDF. To download click photo below

Marklin 2016 Summer New Items catalog


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