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  We stock a large number of Faller model building kits and accessories including the Faller car system. The Faller line includes a very extensive selection of European model buildings including railroad stations, crossings, houses, bridges and factories, just about everything you can image to bring some life to your model train layout.

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 We are now stocking a large selection of Faller Car System starter sets and components, including roadway paint, markers, barriers, and bus stops.

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Our demo layout has been remodeled to include the Faller Car System and was constructed using the recently developed Faller Laser Street.

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Please click the image below to link to the offical Faller website download section where you can browse the entire Faller product line or download the full catalog and numerous flyers. Catalogs and flyers are available for download in PDF format.

Link to the official Faller download page
(Please note; in keeping with the digital age we will no longer be stocking the paper version of the catalog)

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